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CrediZo was Created with a Mission:

To help the general public understand that their credit score is more than just a number, it’s also a lifestyle.

The Nation’s Trusted Leader in Credit Repair

We Explain Credit Repair & Restoration in a Simple, Easy Approach

Headquarters in Mineola, Long Island NY, with partners throughout the nation, we provide professional, high quality credit repair and restoration services. We work with individuals that have little-to-no credit to those that have poor credit, typically under a 650 ranking. It’s our goal to improve their credit and life.

At CrediZo, we have found it is part of our founding core values to care deeply. As a result, our entire team is more passionately engaged with clients and surrounding communities. A number shouldn’t stop you from buying a home, getting a car, applying for a low interest loan or looking for a job.

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The CrediZo Lifestyle

Your credit score has a huge impact on your life. We are very active on social media to show everyone the difference between having poor credit v.s. great credit.


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