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The CrediZo Affiliate Program enables you to offer an aggressive credit restoration, repair and building solution to help you attain more clients for your services or make additional income. Be part of helping Americans find the solution to their financial freedom.

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It’s 100% FREE and takes less than a minute to become a CrediZo Affiliate. Just complete the registration form on this page, get your referral link and start generating commissions.

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CrediZo and provided advertisements are designed to drive traffic and convert visitors into clients. We want all of our affiliates to have a wide selection of tested, creatives to ensure an effective campaign.

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Business with Us

Our team of expert affiliate managers handle everything from affiliate setup, program optimization and marketing strategies to ensure your success. Just ask and you will get an answer or solution right away!

  • Auto Dealerships & Brokers

    Let us help you make another sale! Become an affiliate to help your potential customers increase their credit scores. You can follow their entire progress on our platform and reach out to them when they’re ready to buy or lease.

  • Real Estate Professionals

    30% of consumers fall below a 650 score (FHA Loans). 60% of consumers fall below a 750 score (Top Tier Conventional). We are here to help your clients buy or sell their dream home!

  • Loans & Financing Professionals

    Don’t lose our on potential business! We help your clients get approved for credit cards, business and personal loans, auto loans, mortgages and even with consolidating their current debts.

  • Legal Professionals

    Some of our clients are in need of legal help due to constant harassment by collection agencies and more. We are actively looking to partner with local firms throughout the nation to help.

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