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It Pays to Refer Clients to Us

We will pay you $50 per Client generated by your unique referral link. All you have to do is recommend CrediZo by sharing your link via a website, blog, email, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

100% FREE, Quick & Easy Setup

It’s 100% FREE and takes less than a minute to become a CrediZo Affiliate. Just complete the registration form on this page, get your referral link and start generating commissions.

Designed for Conversions

CrediZo and provided advertisements are designed to drive traffic and convert visitors into clients. We want all of our affiliates to have a wide selection of tested, creatives to ensure an effective campaign.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Many affiliate programs require you to refer a certain number of accounts before receiving commissions. With CrediZo, you’ll receive the same commission no matter how many new clients your refer.

Dedicated Management Team

Our team of expert affiliate managers handle everything from affiliate setup, program optimization and marketing strategies to ensure your success. Just ask and you will get an answer or solution right away!
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Why Others Have Chosen our Affiliate Program

Award Winning, Unique Brand Appeal

Clients across the U.S. choose CrediZo because we deliver the fastest and highest quality credit repair service in the industry.

Great Support & Communication

We provide exceptional email / phone support for all clients and affiliates. You will always get an answer or solution.

Reliable & Secure Tracking Stats

Get accurate tracking and detailed insights into your efforts (click-through ratios, conversion rates, and payments).

We Pay Affiliates On-time, Every Time

We offer hassle-free payouts by written check, PayPal, and bank transfers. You decide which option is best for you!
We'll Never Sell Your Info CrediZo is not a lead-generation company.

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