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Your credit score is very important because:

(1) Without good credit everything cost more.
(2) It can determine you financial future.

Your credit rating can affect whether or not you can obtain: A mortgage, a car loan, a credit card, a school loan, etc. A lender may also use your score to calculate the rate you get for a loan; the lower the scores, the higher the interest rate you’ll be charged. Over time, maintaining good scores can save you lots of money. Lenders look at your report as a prediction of how likely you are to make your payments and make them on time.

At CrediZo we’ll work with you to improve your credit by analyzing your credit report and helping you to remove the inaccurate marks that are impacting your credit score, plus we’ll show you how to make sure you keep your score up.

How Credit Management Works – In just 3 easy steps!


  • Free / Full Credit Review
  • Pin Point items hurting your credit score
  • Customize Restoration Program

Step 1: Set A Goal

  • We set a realistic goal for your Credit (RESTORATION) Repair.
  • WHAT and WHEN.


  • Together we review the facts and establish a program to remove the highest priority and highest impact items first.
  • Initiate a prioritized dispute action plan.

Step 3: Get Results

  • Time for the results!
  • Once we receive the results of our work with the credit bureaus we do a re-pull of your credit together to see how much your score has increased.
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