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Your Credit is More than Just a Number, It’s a Lifestyle™

Repair, Restore
& Build Credit

We offer three main services to our clients: credit repair, credit restoration, and credit building.

Reach Short
Term Goals

We fix an unlimited amount of items in your credit file for an avg 90 point increase in 90 days.

Reach Long
Term Goals

We are here to help fix or build your credit to help you maintain a high score for the rest of your life.

Repair, Restore & Build Credit

Credizo is different from our competitors because we take an educational approach to our services. While helping you either build, repair, or restore your credit, we also educate you to properly manage your credit in the future. Not only will our experts help you with your credit needs, but the skills you learn from us can help you have a financially stable and secure future.

Free Initial Credit Analysis

A CrediZo consultant will provide you a free, initial credit consultation to talk about your current credit situation and create a custom action plan for the next steps to successfully repair, restore or build your credit score. Everything will be explained clearly and we’ll go over every option available to you.

Reach Short Term Goals

We do not provide an “I need it now” solution. Repairing, restoring or building credit is like losing weight. It takes time and there is no quick way to fix a credit score; however, there are tactics that can be used to jump start the process. Our short term tactics are perfect for those buying a vehicle or applying for a loan.

Reach Long Term Goals

Your credit reflects your lifestyle. Repairing, restoring or building your credit is a lifestyle change. Our credit services help you learn to budget, save, plan and avoid long-term, future damage. Above all, these changes require patience. Some improvements may be fast and easy, but others need time to unfold. Whatever your credit needs may be, Credizo can help! If you need any type of help with your credit, let us see what we can do for you. We are here to make your future brighter and more financially stable.